Where do you make Sony phones?

Sony phones are characterized by many types of Sony phones, the buyer can choose what suits his needs and desires, these phones have a high performance, including a large screen, and other small screen, Sony has classified its phones according to its advantages, and branded Xperia E and Xperia M are mid-range and low-cost phones, and Xperia C phones are designed for X- : Selfie), and the Xperia X phones (b Gelezah: Xperia X) is the core of the old series Almstkhalafh series Xperia Ze (in English: Xperia Z). 

Sony's place of manufacture The current location for the manufacture of Sony phones is the same country as Sony, Japan, unlike many other mobile phone manufacturers, many of which make China a place to manufacture phones. Apple, and many of its computers, as well as Lenovo, as well as companies that are originally Chinese, such as OPPO, Xiaomi, Huawei, ), And other companies, and other companies make their phones in South Korea, Samsung has the highest annual sales among all other handset manufacturers, including Apple, as well as LG, which manufactures its mobile phones in South Korea. [2] Sony Corporation (Sony Corporation) is a Japanese company specializing in the electronics industry, as well as film, music and financial services. The company was founded by Ibuka Masaro, owner of Precision Instruments, and Morita Akio, a professor of applied science in Tokyo, Japan, in 1946 under the name Tsushin Kogyo (English: Tsushin Kogyo, where they both joined World War II, were working in the Japanese Army as engineers to design thermal missiles. [3] Sony's name was launched at the beginning of 1958, the company's initial name was changed to Sony, Quoted from the Latin word Sonas (in Latin: Sonus), which means sound. The company's first product was an electronic rice cooker, and the machine was not successful at all. In 1962, the American branch was opened. The company was based in New York City. The flag was first raised in the United States after the Second World War. The profits of the company and its products continued success of Sony over the years, until the nineties of the last century, where it suffered material losses; the Japanese economy was in a recession, and the company's presidents Epoka Masaru and Morita Akayo suffered strokes in 1992 and 1993, respectively , And in In 1994, Morita Akayo officially retired and died five years later, which cost the company more than $ 200 million. However, the company continued to produce. In 1994, the company produced the famous PlayStation, PlayStation). By 2002, this operator contributed 10% of the company's annual profits. The Sony Online Entertainment division also developed the EverQuest virtual game, AIBO), which contributed to the increase of Arba The company entered the PC market in 1997 and announced the release of a VAIO series of personal computers designed to serve those who work in the design and operation of multimedia programs. High-quality devices in addition to their high price. In 2005, Chief Executive Officer Howard Stringer was promoted to Chief Executive Officer of the company. In 2012, Hirai Kazuo, head of the video games division, took over the position and, at his hands, The US subsidiary of the company in 2013 compared to more than $ 1 billion. [3] The entry of the Sony Ericsson mobile phone market In 2001, Sony entered into a partnership with Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson to produce the Sony Ericsson phone series (in English: Sony Ericsson), which has received its beginnings with brilliant success, has lost Other major mobile phone companies, such as Nokia and Motorola, were boosted in 2005. Sony Ericsson's profits grew by 28 per cent and continued in subsequent years to 2007, The year the company recorded material losses; caused by a decline in the sales of its mobile devices. [4] In mid-2008, the company's profits fell sharply, with quarterly profits down 98% and shedding 2,000 jobs, The largest mobile device manufacturer to the fifth place. [4] Sony Mobile in 201 Sony acquired Sony Ericsson by buying shares of Ericsson Sweden, which accounted for about 50% of the company's total shares, for $ 1.47 billion, Sony has renamed the products to become only under the name of Sony, as announced by the company Sony Mobile Communications will be under the umbrella of Sony's main company, headed by Hirai Kazio. [5] [6] The first step after Sony's takeover of Sony Ericsson was to relocate the company's headquarters from Swedish city of Lund to the Japanese city of Tokyo, in addition to The abandonment of nearly a thousand Swedish workers in the company, and was carried out by the CEO of Sony Mobile Kunimasa Suzuki. [5] [6]