Best vitamin for hair and skin

The best vitamin for hair and skin Natural nutritional supplements and vitamins that are useful for hair and skin may be the solution to many problems, such as dry skin, cracked lips, and dull hair. In this article we will identify the best vitamins of hair and skin

Biotin is the beneficial vitamin B for hair growth, and it has been shown in a scientific study that the lack of biotin leads to hair loss, and show the results of treatment as a natural treatment of hair loss good for those who lack it, [2] Biotin supports the skin, nerves, And biotin is available naturally in bananas and peanut butter. Biotin supplementation helps to reduce hair loss and promote nail growth. Smoking has been shown to be one of the causes of biotin deficiency in the skin and is accompanied by symptoms such as hair follicle and loss of hair. Color, redness of the skin around the eyes, nose, And mouth. Doctors also advise people with type 2 diabetes to take biotin supplementation because it helps improve blood sugar levels. A balanced diet may provide the body with the recommended daily dose of biotin, only 35 micrograms. [1] Vitamin A helps Vitamin A in the production of skin oil (sebum), which moisturizes the scalp, and maintain the health of hair, and all body cells need vitamin A to grow, including hair, which is one of the fastest growing tissues in the human body, has been associated with the problem of hair loss With little or no intake Vitamin A is the natural source of vitamin A intake of foods rich in beta-carotene because it is converted into vitamin A. Examples of these foods include sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, spinach, and turnips. 2) Vitamin D Cholesterol is converted to vitamin D in the body as a result of absorption of the skin to the sun, and then moves vitamin D to the liver and kidneys to be distributed from there to the rest of the body to contribute to the production of healthy cells, including skin cells, where helps vitamin D in the degree of skin color, It also has a role in the treatment of psoriasis, where the type is used in the Calcitriol is topical to the skin to reduce inflammation and irritation. The side effects are low. The body needs a daily dose of vitamin D of 600 IU. To enhance the amount of vitamin D we normally get, it is best to get sun exposure 10 minutes In the day, however, you should consult your doctor about sun exposure to people who have had skin cancer before, and can eat rich foods backed by vitamin D, such as: salmon, tuna, cod, orange juice, breakfast cereals, and milk. Vitamin C as a constituent ingredient In anti-aging skin care products, because of its ability to fight cancer because it is a powerful antioxidant, and its active role in the production of collagen necessary for healthy skin. It is worth mentioning that the oral intake of vitamin C increases the effectiveness of sunscreen protection against harmful rays The body needs 1000 milligrams of vitamin C daily, and to make sure the body has enough of it, acidic foods such as orange, strawberry, cauliflower, spinach, They can vary Vitamin C supplementation as directed by the doctor. [3] The benefit of vitamin C for hair is that it promotes growth and fights hair loss and increases hair density and reduces cortex, and may result in hair loss from hair loss, [1] Vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron important for hair growth, In the production of collagen as an indispensable part of the structure of hair. [2] Vitamin E Vitamin E and vitamin C are both antioxidant antioxidants, which help fight free radical damage that leads to wrinkles. Most of the vitamin E can be obtained by eating Foods rich in it, such as: avocado, olive oil, wheat germ Vitamin E supplements can be taken according to the doctor's instructions, preferably in the form of gelatinous tablets. [1] Vitamin E, when placed on the skin, absorbs harmful UV rays from the sun, helping to reduce dark spots and wrinkles. During skin oil, Vitamin E contributes to moisturizing the skin by treating the lack of skin oil, reduces inflammation of the skin, and adults need 15 milligrams per day of vitamin E, and it is worth mentioning that nuts and seeds, such as: almonds, hazelnuts, Rich in it, [3] and some people suffering from a mishap Because the body needs fat to absorb this vitamin, its deficiency can damage the nerves, eyes, and immune system. Using creams and oils that contain this vitamin will increase skin immunity, protect it from the sun, and reduce irritations. Skin, and helps to treat scars, but it is preferable to stay away from products that contain derivative products; because it may not be effective, and that the intake in the form of pills may not show desired results on the skin. [4] Vitamin K This vitamin is very important in the treatment of wounds , Bruising, and surgical effects; It helps in the treatment of blood clotting. Vitamin K also helps to treat many skin problems, such as: Stretch marks, visible veins, scars, dark spots, dark circles under the eyes. Vitamin K creams are also used after surgery to reduce swelling and swelling of the skin. , And accelerate the process of healing, but the effect on the skin less than the effect of vitamin E and C, and adults of this vitamin amount of 90 to 120 micrograms per day, and can be obtained from natural foods, such as: cabbage, spinach, lettuce, green beans.